Learn Spanish in Sucre - Bolivia

My Spanish lessons are designed to help you to achieve your personal goals as an Spanish language learner. One-to-one lessons avoid the problems of large group classes that students often experience in regular schools. My approach to language acquisition focuses on the development of proficiency in the four basic communication skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing.


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I have over sixteen years of teaching experience and have taught a wide range of students from absolute beginners to highly advanced level.

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Advantage of Private Lessons, Duration and Frequency, Intensive Courses, Group Classes.

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Students learn through their participation in different kind of activities out of the class room.

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Advantage of Private Lessons

Individual private lessons are simply the most effective method for students to improve their subject knowledge and greatly increase their test scores.This is due to the fact that private lessons have several advantages over the traditional classroom environment including the following:

Personal Teacher Attention

Many student flourish under one-to-one tuition. With private tuition, the student does not have to compete for the teacher's attention. In the traditional classroom setting, the student must often wait while the teacher addresses the needs of the other members of the class. However, with private lessons, the lesson can progress as quickly or as slowly as you desire.

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Why learn Spanish?

In our global economy, learning a second language is becoming an essential ingredient for many people wishing to succeed in their chosen careers. And with over 300 million Spanish-speakers worldwide living in over 22 different countries, learning Spanish is the natural choice for a second language. The United States alone has over 35 million Spanish-speakers. So there will certainly be no shortage of people to practice your newly-acquired talent with!


Diverse Cultural Richness

In addition to expanding your powers of communication, learning Spanish will also helps to broaden your horizons. Each Spanish-speaking country has a rich and diverse culture that can only be truly appreciated by understanding the language. Imagine traveling to any of the numerous Latin American countries, and being able to communicate directly with the locals. A whole new world suddenly opens up to you!

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Price For Lessons

One to One private lesson 7 USD

Two People Class 4 USD each one

Three People Class 3 USD each one

*Flexible prices for very young people.

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Students TestimonialsTestimonials from Our Students

Read to what some of our students have to say about studying with Teacher Aida.

We studied Spanish with Aida for four hours a day for two weeks and learnt more than we had ever learnt in the various short courses we had undertaken before traveling to South America. Aida always prepared interesting and challenging lessons and her years of experience as a teacher made learning with her easy. She is passionate about languages and is always keen to exchange stories and ideas about other cultures and the time we spent with her each day always went by far too quickly. After two weeks of lessons with Aida our level of Spanish and our confidence improved greatly enabling us to connect with people and experience a whole other side of Latin American culture. We remember our time in Sucre fondly and can't wait to get back to see her. We can't recommend her enough!.

Liz and Lucan (Sydney, Australia)

I took four-hour Spanish lessons with Aida every day for two weeks while I was on a visit to Sucre.
Aida was punctilious and professional; after the first meeting she came prepared with lessons and exercises carefully tailored to my abilities. I take the view that learning a language should be pleasurable and free of stress – in short, as a child would learn – and Aida made our meetings fun and enjoyment as well as rich learning experiences.
My intermediate Spanish improved enormously over the period – I have no hesitation in recommending Aida – she is the finest.

Omar and Robbie (England)

Aida is an excellent Spanish teacher, she has a thorough knowledge of the Spanish language and linguistics in general, and is truly passionate about teaching and studying languages. Most importantly, she’s just fun to be around, she’s easy to talk. Aida worked with me to create a study plan and learning style that suits my needs, and I enjoyed being able to focus on the specific areas that I needed to work on, combining conversation and grammar and culture. She has a great energy and teaching style, I highly recommend Spanish classes with Aida!

Claire (Holland)

I can highly recommend Aida as a spanish teacher. I am a relatively fluent speaker, but have issues with grammar and writing, and during my three months in Sucre I also wanted to improve my vocabulary. Aida was able to quickly determine where my weaknesses were and develop a lesson plan around that. But I learned so much more than spanish as she incorporated much of the history and culture of Sucre-Bolivia in our lessons. I really felt that I experienced the richness that Sucre has to offer because of Aida, she was not only my spanish teacher, she was a friend.

Stephen (USA)

Aida is a born teacher! She is able to explain grammar so that even the dumbest of fools can understand. As a native spanish speaker who herself studied English for many years, she knows the trials and tribulations that come with learning a new language. As a result, she is very patient and uses various methods of teaching to always keep the class new and exciting. It is easy to see she is very passionate about languages, cultures, people and teaching. Not only does she challenge her students in the classroom, but Aida takes interests in getting to know her students and involving them in everyday porteno activities.
I took classes with Aida for several weeks and her personality won me over. Not only is she a wonderful, creative teacher, but a fun-loving, exciting professional! I would HIGHLY recommend Aida to students of all levels.

Anna Chan (Canada)